DragonIK is an IK toolkit solution that dynamically and programmatically alters the pose of your characters during gameplay. It provides multi-character foot placement, spine placement, and a versatile look at / aim solving for your characters and creatures. It simply works whether your character is a human, dog, snake, dragon, or spider

An All-in-One plugin tool for easily creating IK for animals and humans




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Brownies from Dev’s

Unreal Engine Plugin - sample


  • Extreme ease and simplicity of its workflow.
  • Get amazing results in as little as 5 minutes!
  • Highly versatile. Works on bipeds, quadrupeds, spiders, and snake creatures.
  • The workflow expected is entirely through a few animation blueprints that require minimal tweaking but provides great freedom of customization.
  • Developed in C++, used through animation blueprints. Highly optimized across platforms.
  • Automatically works under replication.
  • Realtime support and communication through discord. Get help from the dev or other community members if you are stuck!

What Client Says ?

  • Client Image

    A very approachable and professional developer always on hand to give rapid feedback and support through Discord. The plugin is very easy to implement and maintain even in multiplayer. I had the pleasure of working closely with Gamasome on the development of Dragon IK and its introduction of the Aim Solver.

    • David Challenger
    • Producer/Senior Animator
  • Client Image

    Within 60 seconds of adding the solvers to my ABP, my character had working IK. Following the tutorial and getting a few pointers from the developer on Discord, I was able to have IK working on many different characters within a day and for very little effort on my part. The best IK system I've used and seen so far.

    • Zachary Ledbetter
    • Developer/Founder

Why Dragon IK?

Left stranded because of Ikinema’s discontinued support? We got your 6’’. We will help you to port your game from Ikinema SDK to dragonIK and restore your peace.

You don’t have to be a wizard developer. We save your time and energy for giving a realistic and smooth IK solution for various types of animals using only a simple animation Blueprint node that you can integrate with less than 5 mins.

We provide IK to different types of animals such as:
  • Quadrupeds: Wolves, horses, etc
  • Bipeds: T-Rex, birds, humans, etc
  • Spiders: Multi-legged creatures such as spiders and scorpions etc
  • Snakes: Snakes & Worms etc
  • A universal aim/look-at solver that works on any kind of creature or character! [BRAND NEW FEATURE!]
We offer end to end documentation at https://gamasomegames.github.io/
We provide almost realtime support at discord with our engineers.

Find out how we can help your game look stunningly realistic!



  • Custom Extended functionality
  • Custom Engineering and Support
  • Niche Project-Specific support
  • Character solving and Consulting
  • AR/VR IK Integration / Consulting
  • Motion Capture and Consulting
  • Facial IK and Consulting
  • Porting to custom engines
  • Dedicated Zoom & Discord support


  • One-off payment of $49.99
  • Support via public discord channel only
  • Compatible only with launcher UE Version